Bubbly each day keeps Alzheimer’s away

IT DOESN’T help that I was another year older the other day but I simply can’t remember where I read it. It was an article I saw a while ago about having a glass of bubbly a day to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

I need to find it so I can take it to my doctor and get a prescription for champagne.

If my memory serves me right, which it often doesn’t which is why I want to improve it with champagne, it was university research on rats which demonstrated positive memory improvements when fed small quantities of the sparkling wine.

But I can’t find the evidence.

All I can find when I research about growing old gracefully is the usual boring stuff like eating healthily, doing exercise, and drinking moderately. Who wants to do that when you’re running out of time to have fun?

Keeping the mind active is another one. The boffins at University College in London took 7000 oldies (over 50) through daily online brain training games over six months and found an improvement in ‘grammatical reasoning and memory’. Those over 60 were tested on daily living skills and found to be better at using the telephone and doing the shopping.

It’s enough to make my mind buckle.

The only telephoning I want to do is to get my appointment with a friendly doctor and then go shopping at the liquor store for champagne.

If only I could remember where I read that article….

Len Horne


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