Blog editor and chief writer is Len Horne who looks back on 50 years of fun and occasional work as a journalist, PR consultant and lecturer across four continents. Based in Perth, Len and his wife Barbara, also a former journalist, are spending the kids’ inheritance with travel, wining, dining, movies, concerts, theatre, tennis and golf and even sometimes babysitting the grandkids who live on the other side of Australia.

Our SKI Club travel contributors are:

Jerry Vise, based in Perth Western Australia, spending the kids’ inheritance with travel to Alaska, Machu Picchu, Rio, Cinque Terre, Pompeii and other top spots.

Vic Dennis, based in Perth Western Australia, is an experienced traveller who, with his wife Robyn, is now spending the kids’ inheritance with even more travel in retirement.


2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Hi Len,
    Reading your views on our gracious Queen brought some memories of my encounter with Royalty whilst serving in the forces. I had the privilege to meet the Duke of Edinburgh when I was a Warrant Officer at the Vehicle Research and Establishment Centre in Chertsey. He was very knowledgeable about the equipment I was showing to him or probably very well briefed. He put one at ease very quickly at was not at all intimidating as he might be portrayed sometimes. Annie and I also had the honour to see the Queen Mother shortly before she passed on. We were invited to the presentation of new colours to the 9th/12th Lancers in Essex by the Queen Mother as she was their Colonel in Chief. We will never forget the pilot of the helicopter she arrived in polishing it whilst the ceremony was going on. She had the marvellous ability to make you feel she was looking at you when passing by. She also had a Teddy Bear in her jacket pocket with its head sticking out. She was not amused when given a biro pen to sign the Officers Mess guest book and a fountain pen was hastily found for her. When the helicopter took off and she visually went out of sight you saw a white handkerchief waving to all on the ground..



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