News flash: Haha replaces LOL

Oh dear, I seem to be behind the times again. Facebook tells me that HaHa has replaced LOL as its most popular phrase.

And here am I having just found out what LOL means. Like many of my vintage, I was under the impression it meant Lots of Love. Now I know it means Lots of Laughs.

If I had realised that at first, I would have used HaHa which seems much more sensible. And then I would have been ahead of the game.

As for WTF, I still prefer the young child’s explanation to his Dad, as expressed on Facebook, that it means Welcome to Facebook.

I continue to struggle with this shorthand texting world. Rarely do I attempt to send an SMS (which Wikipedia tells me stands for Short Messaging Service). The keys on my phone are too small and my fingers are too big. But when I persevere, each word is fully spelled out, the punctuation is grammatically correct, and it has taken me half an hour to type out two sentences. No sooner have I sent it, assuming I’ve punched the correct key to send it, than the reply bounces back from my whizkid children in milliseconds. And two paragraphs long.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking technology. I can surf the net with the best of them. It’s just that the new language and the new gadgets are rushing by at such speed that I’m always two or three steps behind. And when I do grasp the meaning of the latest fad, I’m left wondering whether I needed it in the first place.

At the moment, I am trying to come to terms with the new Windows 10. The critics tell me it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I am wondering why I upgraded when I was quite happy with that old-fashioned stuff I was using before!

I remember many years ago walking to school and passing by a street phone box. You remember those red phone boxes? The phone was ringing. A naturally curious kid, I was tempted to answer it. When I did, a cheery voice on the other end thanked me and asked whether I could run to house No 23 and tell Mrs Smith that her friend Emily was on the line.

And I did. Emily and Mrs Smith were very happy and so was I.

Now I answer one of the many phones in my own house and it’s Marius with an Indian accent telling me there’s something wrong with my computer and if I tell them my bank account details they can fix it.

Len Horne in the Old Codgers Corner

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